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COCKTAIL Recipe Studio

Take a peek inside our cocktail recipe studio where we focus on the most innovative recipes and techniques - crafted to thrill guests, fulfill brand requirements, and boost sales.

Cocktail portraits

At Straight Up Collective, we specialize in capturing the beauty and excitement of cocktail creations through stunning photography. Our expert team knows how to capture the perfect angle, lighting, and composition to make your drinks look irresistible.


Our videography elevates any project to new heights. From capturing the allure of cocktail creations to engaging training videos, our segments command attention and evoke curiosity.


At Straight Up Collective, we offer a comprehensive cocktail training service to help our customers hone their skills and knowledge in the art of mixology. Our program covers a range of topics, including ingredient selection, recipe development, and responsible service. We provide hands-on training and guidance from our team of experts, allowing participants to gain practical experience and confidence in their abilities. We recognize and value the individuality of each person who takes our training service and tailor our instruction to meet their needs and goals.

Taking Photo of Beverage

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